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Zeke is so strong

Zeke loves his circle play area. He now knows he can pick it up! He is learning his strength. I think having two older brothers has helped. Our next workout, lifting the couch! America Ninja Warrior training!!  

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Zeke being Zeke

This is a quick video of how cute Zeke is everyday. Kelsey was just taking a video of Zeke while the boys were playing with him. He loves attention, he loves being the center of attention. However, it seems he does not like to be filmed while being cute. Kelsey did not realize that her […]

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Packer Party

Well, another Packer season is over. I am so glad I was able to watch a game this year with my buddy from Wisconsin! Being around all Packer fans was a blast! One of my favorite football parties I can remember being a part of! The result was not a win for the Pack, but […]

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Zeke Playing

Zeke loves to play with his new Christmas toys! He just can’t get enough. He would like to thank his Uncle and Aunt all the way in New Jersey for this fun toy! Dadda and Momma have only tripped over the balls a hundred times so far. Crawling games are fun for him right now. […]

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New Look

Hello everyone! Argier.com is getting a face lift.  Please take a peak around, I know I have some changes to do, but the overall look and feel is where I need some feedback. We have a very busy weekend planed, so I will post about it on Monday. Some changes are going on around our […]

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Okay, so I have been very excited to report about this weekend! By the title, you will know, we got a puppy! He is a Pyrenees mixed with border collie. 9 weeks old! Very smart so far. We are training him, and he gets a long with Chloe and all the kids!  I am sure […]

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Rockies Game!

Well, our first Rockies game of the season. What a game to be at! 10 RUNS in the 3rd inning. We won big. But the best part was the concert following the game. It was our annual Faith Day game. Michael W. Smith was the performer. Yes, he did play “Friends Forever”. I lost the […]

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Summertime is here!

        It has been a long time since I last blogged. Much has happened! Our Rabbits had bunnies! Back yard is full of rubber mulch Bought a new kitchen table for the family Zeke went to Children’s Hospital Have to go again 🙁 We decided to do home school. More on this […]

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Memorial Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had! Friday, at mens bible study, I had all the boys with me (Zeke). He received a lot of attention at Fuzzy’s. Had a great time bonding with all the boys!   Saturday we went to see the new Avengers movie! This was Zeke’s first experience in the movie theater. […]

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