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Tired of the Rain!

As I am sure most everybody else is, we are so tired of the rain! We set up our backyard with rubber mulch, cleaned up the yard for family fun. It continues to rain everyday. These kids just want to jump on the trampoline and have fun being boys out back. We like the rain, but this is getting out of control. This has caused us to re-do the toy room. Now the room has much more space and organization, thanks to Kelsey! Waiting to find cheap bean bags for the kids to sit on. Just want to play outside! Poor Chloe has to run outside, do her business and come right back in. She also can’t wait for the rain to stop!

I will post pictures of the “new” backyard next week, we are very excited. If you didn’t see what it looked like before, imagine your garage,basement, and trash all thrown in the backyard. Ours looked 10 times worse than that!

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