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Labor Day Weekend!

I want to start this blog out by saying ” I do not miss the car business!” 

Over the years, weekends were nothing to look forward to. I was always working while my family either went on with out me, or didn’t get to go. This past year has really opened my eyes to what means the most. Balance with work/family. I have been blessed with a job that I have that balance. That being said, this holiday weekend, we took full advantage.

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We live in a great state. Colorado has so much to offer, unless you don’t already live here (we get feet of snow, and crime rate is through the roof). Highlands Ranch is a superb town to raise a family. We have so much around us. But we have learned that we have something special with our street. Our cul-de-sac has some amazing people on it. We all get a long and play together! Kids all play well, and us parents get to hang out.

We went up to Jefferson with two other awesome families from our “court”. We went up Friday after work, stayed up there with the intentions of leaving early Sunday morning, but left Monday afternoon. We had so much fun, I can not explain. So I will let some pictures do the talking! Kids were amazing the whole time. No fighting, and no major injuries to report!

We will be making this a tradition! Only 362 days until next Labor Day Weekend!!

Please enjoy these few pictures to gain the story of our trip, you can also visit our Facebook page that has over 100 photos of the weekend!


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