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Marisa’s Graduation

WOW! Marisa is a high school graduate! I remember when I graduated, many years ago. Saturday was such a fun day for the family! The ceremony was very short, yet very sweet. 15 FACE grads! Very good time. Then, a party at her house for hours! Lots of food, games, visiting and backyard fire! What more can one ask for! I sure hope she had a great time, cause we sure did. The house was nicely decorated and ready to go. Got to meet Alex and his cousins. Boys had a blast hanging out with the teenagers. Marisa, we pray you follow Jesus, not man. We love you and we are so proud of who you are today. God has his plans set for you, just follow His voice.


3 thoughts on “Marisa’s Graduation”
  1. Marisa Brandt May 18, 2015 on 6:38 pm Reply

    I can’t believe you put me on your family blog haha so sweet! 🙂

    • joseph May 18, 2015 on 7:03 pm Reply

      You are family silly girl! of course you make our blog!

  2. Marisa Brandt May 18, 2015 on 6:33 pm Reply

    It was a party, meeting Alex was the highlight right?;)

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