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Memorial Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had! Friday, at mens bible study, I had all the boys with me (Zeke). He received a lot of attention at Fuzzy’s. Had a great time bonding with all the boys!

Fuzzy's Men's Bible Study

Fuzzy’s Men’s Bible Study


Saturday we went to see the new Avengers movie! This was Zeke’s first experience in the movie theater. He did very well. Only cried once. Sorry, it was too dark to take a photo. Then Sunday was a great church service and family day. Boys got to spend the day at Mike/Misty’s house while I took a nap and then played soccer! (we won). Chepè and his brother joined my team and had a fun time. Monday (Memorial Day observed) was a splendid time. Rain was only a factor later in the day. Long weekends are now so much fun! Its all about quality time with family.

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