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Okay, so I have been very excited to report about this weekend! By the title, you will know, we got a puppy! He is a Pyrenees mixed with border collie. 9 weeks old! Very smart so far. We are training him, and he gets a long with Chloe and all the kids!  I am sure to have many more photos of him on the site soon. Kelsey takes many pictures of him. He is so darn cute!

Lambeau Lambeau2

Thursday we went to Red Rocks for Chris Tomlin concert! Was a blast! Kari Jobe was there! Also Louie Giglio, Max Lucado, Matt Redman, Matt Maher, and Rend Collective. What a great Worship Night. Boys had so much fun, until it got too late and they fell asleep! haha


Saturday, I was invited to a birthday party to Blitz Paintball. OH MY! What a great time! I want to go back. It was like playing call of duty, but with actually shooting and dodging being shot. With paint, so doesn’t kill! Thank you Isaiah for a great time! We have to do this again.


Boys had first day of school today!  Forgot to take a picture. This is the first year we are doing Home School. They were in what they slept in last night when I left for work!  They were both at the computer at 7am anxious about school. They are going to do wonderful! Kelsey needs some prayer, teaching the boys is hard, but much harder while watching her 2 daycare kids, and a new puppy!  She is like Wonder Woman!  Love her!

HOT wife

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